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FC-2864M 32 Floors Offline Lift Access Control Board
FC-2864M series elevator access control, also known as multi-purpose intelligent control board, is widely used in elevator card reading management, storage cabinet management, community mailbox management, military firearms management, funeral urn management-etc.

The FC-2864M series of elevator access control is composed of a main board, an extended board, and a card reader, the main board supports 32 outputs, which can control 32 floors of elevators (or cabinet locks). One group of extended board can be connected through the extended port to achieve 64 outputs, can control 64 floors. The main board provides a group of fire alarm input, which can be linked with fire fighting device. Up to 64 groups can be set during door opening. Support two ways of issuing cards offline and online.

Product Introduction


Elevator access control FC-2864M series, also known as multi-purpose intelligent controller, are widely used in elevator card reading management, storage cabinet management, community mailbox management, army firearms management, funeral urn management, etc., support RS485 communication mode and release combination of dual-mode machine management, RS485 communication distance can reach 1200 meters, one bus can connect 255 devices, or it can be installed in the same system with other one card pass devices for centralized management.

The features of FC-2864M series elevator access control: use large-capacity Flash memory chip, which can support 60,000 card information, 80,000 card swiping records, and 20,000 other event records. FC-2864M series elevator access control board consists of a main board, an extended board, and a card reader, the main board supports 32 outputs and can control 32 floors of elevators (or cabinet locks), one group of extended boards can be connected through the extended port to achieve 64 outputs, can control 64 floors. The main board provides a group of fire alarm inputs, which can be linked with fire fighting device. Up to 64 groups can be set during door opening. Support two ways of issuing cards offline and online.

FC-2864M offline management function is to write designated floor access level information, device parameters, time period information and other data into the Mifare card through the reader (card issuer), when using the card to take an elevator, the elevator access control board automatically analyzes and processes the data in the Mifare card, and judges that the floor access level in the card is authorized to use the elevator. So as to meet the requirements of issuing card authorization and management elevator access control without network wiring.

Product Parameters

Name: FC-2864 Offline Lift Access Control Board

Color: Black

Working Voltage: DC12V(9V-14V)

Operation Current: 3A

Cards Support: Mifare card and CPU card

Reading Protocol: 1 group of reading head and 1 group of WG26/34/66

Management Floor: 32 (add a extended board 64)

Cards Capacity: 60,000

Records Capacity: 130,000

Fire Linkage: 1

Communication Distance: RS485(1200m)

Temperature/Humidity: -10℃ - +65℃   (10-90%RH no frost)

Main Borard Size: 150×105×20mm

Extended Board Size: 150×105×20mm

Offline Lift Access Controller

System functions:

FC-2864M elevator access control board (standard function): offline operation, reading card to open the door, remote door opening, remote door closing, time period normally open, real-time monitoring, abnormal monitoring, fire linkage, illegal card reading alarm, report lost card, blacklist reading card alarm, keyboard operation, emergency door closing, 64 groups of door opening periods, holidays, etc.

FC-2864M elevator access control board (professional function): card return, record repair, anti-detection lock, card reading verification, Mifare card writing data issuance, device has been running for days, remote hardware program upgrade, etc.

FC-2864M Elevator Access Control Board (new function): In addition to the above-mentioned functions, we have added new technologies to FC-2864M series access control boards that are not available or rare in other similar products on the market: such as input power stability monitoring, product trial period , intelligent clock error self-correction every day, card reading interval setting, communication encrypted data, card valid times, capacity self-expanding and other new functions.

Number of management:

1.A single elevator access control can manage 32 floors.

2.Each extended board can expand and manage 32 floors.

3.The system can be expanded to the management capacity of 64 floors.

Compatible with FCARD one card pass management system, support: unified management of access control, offline access control, time attendance access controller, guard tour, consumption machine, watercontroller, elevator access control board, parking lot system, etc., realizing a real one card pass system with one card and one library.

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